Is your app ready for production?

Are you sure your new app won’t crack under pressure? Are you sure the new module you added to your app is ready to take on new users? Is your application guaranteed to stay optimal with additional traffic?

Get our Application Testing services and find out your application’s behaviour under full load in a simulated or production environment. Our team of specialists can test all types of web or client applications, developed on any platform, e.g. Web Applications (HTTP/S, PHP, JavaScript, Java, ASP.NET, MVC), Databases (SQL), etc.


Is your app facing a slowdown?

Applications slow downs and user complaints which are sporadic are difficult to identify. Don’t spend days or weeks to pinpoint the root-cause and that too after extensive manual digging.

Our team of experts can go under the hood and dig out the root-cause using advanced tools that can identify bottlenecks in minutes and help you fix them in hours. No more slow apps, no more user complaints!


We'll watch over your apps

Business applications are meant to produce business results round the clock. Are you sure your apps are running optimal behind your back? Do you have the resources to monitor them round the clock?

We can watch over your apps so you can sleep with peace. Our team can monitor all the key metrics of your applications 24×7 to quickly identify and catch potential issues. So you can be confident about your app and business. All types of web or client applications, developed on any platform, e.g. web server load, frontend HTTP transactions, backend database transactions, in between network latency, data transfer time, etc.


Be smart, go global

No need to build an in-house team from scratch. Be smart and follow the global IT trend to outsource the routine work as a virtual service. Instead of hiring expensive in-house resources for testing & monitoring and buying multiple tools, let us provide you all as an affordable & flexible monthly service.

Our team of specialists can test & monitor your applications & infrastructure. We use various tools & methods to monitor and analyse most types of web, mobile, cloud applications based on the following common technologies for example: Web Applications (HTTP/S, PHP, JavaScript, Java, ASP.NET, MVC), Databases (SQL), SAP, etc.

Why test & monitor applications regularly?


Prepare for growth

Application usage & audience tends to grow over the years. Features get added, libraries are modified, code gets changed. With regular application testing, you can be confident that your app is ready to face the growth.

Know early, fix early

Applications not tested properly after each change can cause unknown slowdowns that are hard to detect. Performance testing can dig out hidden bottlenecks in your application and help you fix them before your users shout out.

Earn trust, improve image

Users build their perception of IT through their experience of using the business applications. Regularly tested & tuned applications can earn your users’ trust, and improve IT’s image in your company.

See from the users' glass

Besides measuring server resources and network response times, monitoring enduser experience is the holy grail to see how your application behaves to your users. So you can take proactive actions before your users start complaining.

Improve your business

Most CIOs are now seen as business partners for their top management and expected to grow the company’s business. Faster IT applications mean quicker transactions, quicker sales cycle, and help do more business per day.

Play smart, stay ahead

Play smart by outsourcing all this to a specialist firm at half the cost of expensive in-house resources. Get application testing, performance testing, and 24×7 monitoring of all types of web or client applications, developed on any platform.


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Solid app performance

Make your applications run with solid performance and stand out

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Know early, fix early

Get to know about potential problems early and fix fast before your users shout

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Affordable + flexible

Affordable & flexible services. Team of specialists, at half the cost of in-house resources.